Shi no Koi

{ Italian girl }
Lately I'm obsessed with Supernatural. SASTIEL is my Otp, also love Wincest and Weecest. (no destiel, sorry.) SAM WINCHESTER is, well, love (?), I like read about his character. What else? I like write fanfic (most of all are in italian) and read fanfic (angst is the way <3), like watch movie & tv shows, like rpg. That's it. I guess..
// I'm sorry for my english, it's terrible, I know. //

i think i am a better ghost than i am a human being. 

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Kami says: Too bad some “fans” still don’t get it.

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You’re my best friend,
                                and  I  n e e d  y o u .

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Is babbu Bucky in 12 an option?


that nugget on the bridge…i knew him..

Bucky & Cap’s Shield [x]