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{ Italian girl }
Lately I'm obsessed with Supernatural. SASTIEL is my Otp, also love Wincest and Weecest. (no destiel, sorry.) SAM WINCHESTER is, well, love (?), I like read about his character. What else? I like write fanfic (most of all are in italian) and read fanfic (angst is the way <3), like watch movie & tv shows, like rpg. That's it. I guess..
// I'm sorry for my english, it's terrible, I know. //

Sebastian Stan - inspired by: (x)


"Be careful, Steve. You might not want to pull on that thread."

My take on the Winter Soldier file because I’m a terrible person and I like to make myself sad. Obviously the file would be much longer and contain all of Bucky’s missions and assassinations over the years but I already spent too long working on this, so let’s pretend this is an excerpt. All the text is just filler since I’m neither a writer nor do I speak Russian. References used courtesy of gettyimages and sebastianstan-daily.

Sergeant Barnes… the procedure has already started.

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Steve and Bucky + fighting parallels

I’m done running. Okay.
I didn’t know where else to go. Right here is just fine, Buck. 

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How’d you get that email?

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Deleted scene from 9x08 - Rock and A Hard Place